High Impact Business Communication Training in English





Effective business communication skills increase the probability of success for technical managers and engineers in their professional life.

This training session is designed to teach the necessary conventions and strategies for business communication in English to unleash your best professional self.

You will learn how to effectively articulate your ideas in a confident, clear, credible, and concise manner both in oral and written structures. The session will engage participants in real-like scenarios to practice tactfulness, negotiation, conflict resolution, persuasion, and diplomacy. Through producing a wide spectrum of business formats such as presentation, proposal, e-mail, procurement, and refusal letters participants will be equipped with a powerful tool.

For all the tasks, the instructor will provide immediate and further oral and written personal feedback through Google Drive for higher impact.


Participants will:

  • Gain ability to use common practices and articulated use of English in business
  • Be professional in email writing, reflecting corporate culture
  • Learn to effectively address and respond to business inquiries in a professional manner
  • Be confident in negotiations and procurement bargains in English
  • Effectively conduct in on-line business presentations through platforms such as Zoom.
  1. Introduction to Strategic Communication
    • Business Communication context, discourse, conventions, and strategies
    • Traps of Communication-Case Studies
    • Strategies to overcome communication failures to maximize efficiency and productivity
  2. Welcome to the Online World-Introducing Yourself
    • Digital handshake-How to make a good first virtual impression
    • Practice introducing yourself written and oral
    • Follow up email after the first meeting
  3. Netiquette-Writing Professional Emails in English
    • Basic, professional email structures in English
    • Do's and don’ts of emails in English
    • Analysis of sample emailsk
    • Case study-Practice announcement and information emails
    • Case study-Practice request and apology emails
  4. Writing Business Proposals in English
    • How to write a proposal to launch a new product development idea (NPD) in English
    • Describing a product/service-basic marketing strategies
    • Using clear, concise, and descriptive language
    • Practice writing a collaborative group proposal in English
    • Input on writing for effect for business communication-general business terminology in English
  5. Persuasion and Negotiation Strategies in English
    • Persuasion strategies- credibility, tone, audience analysis, building trust, the use of power words in English
    • Practice writing a persuasive letter for raising claim for procurement negotiations
    • Feedback on persuasive letters-review of conflict management, negotiation and persuasive strategies and terminology
  6. Diplomacy: Say “No” in a Polite Way in English
    • Message Strategies: Directness, Indirectness, and Diplomacy
    • Sample rejection letter analysis
    • Practice writing rejection letters in English
    • Review of diplomatic language structures, strategies, and language
This session is suitable for administrators and employees who use English as the language of communication in business and need to improve the required skills. Participants are required to be at the upper-intermediate level or above to effectively accomplish the assigned tasks and benefit from the training session.
Zeynep ÖZEK;

received her B.A in English Language and Literature and her M.A in British Cultural Studies from Hacettepe University. She was also awarded a postgraduate diploma in British Cultural Studies by the University of Warwick, U.K. She holds various certificates in various aspects of cultural studies and a variety of teaching-related certificates. She recently completed courses titled Communication Strategies for a Virtual Age by the University of Toronto, Business Writing by the University of Colorado Boulder, and Multimodal Literacies: Communication and Learning in the Era of Digital Media by the University of Illınois.

She has been teaching at Bilkent University for 25 years. She teaches Business Communication courses to second-year Management students. She has also taught MBA Business Communication courses and took an active part in the design and preparation of these courses. Additionally, she designs and teaches English, and Composition classes to first-year students from different departments. She worked as the acting director of the university writing center – BilWrite, as well as a writing center consultant. Currently, she also assists the AACSB (Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business) accreditation process of the Faculty of Business Administration through serving as a language expert.

Integrating academic research and her theoretical knowledge of business communication with her teaching expertise, she develops and runs training sessions for corporate on-the-job training. Her personal interest areas include film studies, gastrocinema, and poetry writing.